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A service provided by
Okanagan Christian Counselling
Okanagan Life Skills, and
Okanagan Parenting

Telephone: 250-718-8856




Teaching/Training Support for parents

Learning Support and Structure for ALL students K-12

including Emotional/Mental/Executive Functioning Support

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, and Developmental Delays

+ Curriculum options and Learning Plan supports



Teaching/Training Support for parents (online and in-person): We offer support and teaching/training assistance to help parents give their children the homeschooling, online schooling, unschooling or public/private schooling that their children deserve.

  • Curriculum development or sourcing

  • Schooling planners to organize all of the schooling

  • Structure planning to make your home a place that your children can learn in

  • Support group of parents offering a community of schooling parents as support and valuable resource for your family


Learning Support and Structure (with mental/emotional/social support, tools and counselling, as needed) for students (online and in-person): We offer a flexible (customizable) and yet structured environment for students whether they need in-home tutoring or weekly student schooling co-op to be taught specific subjects or supervision while they do their needed schoolwork. We offer in-person and online support and teaching. We can use the curriculum (learning plan) in place, or we can help create a new one, as needed.


Learning Group Co-op (customizable or set weekly subjects/courses)

Homework Club

Assisted Learning (for individual help)


* Service is provided through Okanagan Schooling, alongside Okanagan Christian Counselling, and offers teaching, learning support, and mental health, emotional health, and relational health support/mentoring/counselling to each student as needed.


* September 2022 is our official opening, with registration details below; if you require schooling support and/or assistance over the summer please contact us with the details and we will negotiate a price for what you need.


* A regular fulltime space will consist of Monday-Thursday 10-2 for $600 per month. Hours can possibly be added to or deleted from the space, and price will be adjusted accordingly. Fridays will be an 'out' day for field trips, park visits etc (parents/guardians will be asked to volunteer on a rotating schedule for the Friday 'out' days; if parent cannot volunteer but still wishes to have their child included in them, there will be an additional cost billed for it). There are a limited number of spaces available, so we have a "Save a Spot" registration option below which will give your children/family first choice of options that are available.


* Location: Our group and individual location will be at our clinic at (Unit 229, upstairs) 1889 Springfield Rd, Kelowna.


* Costs: Schooling services are private pay as you would a private school; tuition assistance may be available. Services can be covered through Autism Funding, and many extended health insurance policies (contact us for specific information). Without funding or insurance, costs vary depending on student plan provided. Contact us with questions or for more specific funding details.


* Methods of Payment: Save a spot deposits ($100) and Tuition can be sent by etransfer to , by Visa/Mastercard, or by interac/cheque/cash.








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Text or call us at 250-718-8856


Okanagan Schooling clinic location (by appointment only) is: 229, 1889 Springfield Road, Kelowna BC V1Y 5V5; our office faces Trinity Church so if you come in a second floor access door on that side, it is closest to our office).


* Use of our service, requiring communication, reports and counsel, constitutes agreement to fulfill payment agreements (made verbally, by text, by email, or by messaging).


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